Monday, April 10, 2006

Toilet, Askance

A busy weekend indeed, and I did not get the time to truly hunt for interesting sights... all I can muster is a tidbit of trashspotting zen from early Friday afternoon.

I was driving in a tidy North-Waterloo suburb and noticed a discarded toilet beside its refuser's blue box. Said refuser had placed it on its side. Why?

  • Was he afraid someone might use the toilet, out of maliciousness or otherwise, if it were placed upright?
  • Was he purporting to be helpful, as if to say, "This toilet is on its side because I wanted to make it as obvious as possible that I do not want it anymore"?
  • ...or did he simply leave the discarded toilet in the position it landed, without a further thought? Perhaps, for all my pondering of his motives, this discarder had none at all. Perhaps I was creating meaning, imagining purpose, when there was but none.

Until official TS guidelines are made public tomorrow... adieu.


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