Monday, April 10, 2006

Toilet, Askance

A busy weekend indeed, and I did not get the time to truly hunt for interesting sights... all I can muster is a tidbit of trashspotting zen from early Friday afternoon.

I was driving in a tidy North-Waterloo suburb and noticed a discarded toilet beside its refuser's blue box. Said refuser had placed it on its side. Why?

  • Was he afraid someone might use the toilet, out of maliciousness or otherwise, if it were placed upright?
  • Was he purporting to be helpful, as if to say, "This toilet is on its side because I wanted to make it as obvious as possible that I do not want it anymore"?
  • ...or did he simply leave the discarded toilet in the position it landed, without a further thought? Perhaps, for all my pondering of his motives, this discarder had none at all. Perhaps I was creating meaning, imagining purpose, when there was but none.

Until official TS guidelines are made public tomorrow... adieu.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

An open call for Membership.

Friends, it's an exciting and heady time. By the close of this weekend we should be graced with official Guidelines for what was once a mere, albeit cherished, passe-temps.

Indulge your curiosity. If you reside in the vicinity of Southwestern Ontario-- and let's hazily define that as anything West of Mississauga and Hwy. 400 (any enterprising Torontonians feeling brave enough to found Trashspotting Greater Toronto Area???). If you're a trashspotter from Southwestern Ontario, please email trashspotting.swon(at)gmail(dot)com with your name (or the moniker you use "in the field"), and I will confer membership, with all its inherent rights and glorious privileges, post-haste.

In a bid to run with the serendipity of discards outside our bandhall, I and the members of my former music group "Kenghk" arranged our band sign amongst the refuse. The resulting photograph adorns the inner sleeve of our 2005 mini-album, "Silent GH."